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Licentiateship applications are assessed with reference to a number of different criteria, primarily technical quality, photographic technique, perception, presentation and photographer's contribution. Successful applications must score the relevant pass mark in each of the sections below and also achieve an overall passmark. The overall pass mark is greater than the sum of the minimum pass marks for individual images and sections.

Technical Quality

  • Cropping, masking and colour management;
  • Image processing and tonal control; and
  • Removal of defects, spots, dust and digital processing artifacts.

Photographic Technique

  • Viewpoint and lighting;
  • Focus, depth of field, aperture, shutter speed and exposure;
  • Control of highlights and shadows, image density and colour.


  • Understanding and use of light, colour, mood, line, shape and texture;
  • Image design, viewpoint, composition and cropping; and
  • Control of background.


  • Overall impression, variety of approach and cohesion;
  • Selection of images, and panel layout or sequencing of images; and
  • Editing and attention to detail.

Photographer's Contribution

  • Photographer's contribution, and understanding of subject;
  • Communication of basic information, story, emotion, mood, and ideas;
  • Creativity, imagination and ability to capture the moment; and
  • Choice of medium (colour, monochrome etc);

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