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The OPS Fellowship (FOPS) is the third and highest level in the Society's distinction programme. Be sure to read and understand the requirements, application process and criteria before submitting an application. Detailed information on all the Society's distinctions may be found in The OPS Distinctions Handbook that can be downloaded as a PDF file, and printed, or purchased as a printed booklet.

The Fellowship is awarded to photographers who can demonstrate in-depth experience and exceptional ability in a particular field of photography, combined with a studied and creative approach to their subjects. The standards required are extremely high and by no means easy to achieve. A successful Fellowship application normally represents a huge amount of effort invested over a significant period of time. The expectation at Fellowship level is that a photographer should demonstrate not only exceptional ability and the highest standards in all aspects of their work, but also a readily recognizable personal style and a deep understanding and emotional involvement with the chosen subject. Technical excellence is a prerequisite for all applications.


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