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Before applying for any distinction, please read The OPS Distinctions Handbook. Further support and guidance may be available through the FAQ section and the OPS Help Desk.

The application process has been made as simple as possible. The basic stages are as follows:

  • Decide which award or distinction is appropriate (Fellowship applicants must have previously been awarded an Associateship, or an equivalent or higher-level distinction, by OPS or one of the recognized photographic institutions. Where this is the case, and the applicant wishes to apply for an exemption, evidence of the relevant distinction(s) or qualification(s) must be attached to the on-line Distinction Application Form. Scanned copies of relevant certificates are normally acceptable.
  • Assemble the required number of images in the specified format, and create a display plan or sequence (not required for a Certificate of Merit). A display plan should take the form of an additional image, and a display sequence is determined by ascending numerical filenames (ie 01.jpg, 02.jpg etc or familyname_01.jpg, familyname_02.jpg etc).
  • Contact the Distinctions Office by email to request an application reference number and the password required to access the on-line Award and Distinction Application Form (and the on-line Certificate of Merit Consent Form). The reference number is sent by email to the applicant and must be quoted in the relevant field of the on-line application form. Note that requesting an application reference number does not commit a potential applicant in any way.
  • Pay the relevant application fee via the OPS on-line shop (using a credit/debit card or Paypal - it is not necessary to have a Paypal account). Be sure to quote the Application Reference Number when making a payment.
  • Complete the on-line Award and Distinction Application Form, including attached files as required. Note that only supporting information, such as images of certificates, should be attached. Do not attach panel images to the application form.
  • Applicants under the age of 18 years on the date of the relevant assessment must arrange for a Certificate of Merit Consent Form to be completed and submitted to the Society by a parent, guardian or responsible adult;
  • Send all the image files to the Society's Distinctions Office using our dedicated file upload system (see bottom left of this page when logged in as a registered user), or email attachements, by the relevant closing date for applications. See Uploading Image Files for further details. Do not attach panel images to the on-line application form.

Please note that incomplete or late applications, and those for which appropriate fees have not been paid, cannot be considered. We recommend that submissions are not left to the last possible day as this period can be very busy.


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