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  • All submitted images (including monochrome submissions) must be in 8-bit RGB mode, and in the sRGB colour space.
  • The larger dimension of each image must be 1,600 pixels - eg 1,600 x 1,067 pixels, 1,600 x 800 pixels, or 1,600 x 1,600 pixels for square images. The pixels per inch (ppi) setting for files is unimportant.
  • Files must be saved as the highest-quality JPEGs (quality 10-12). No allowance is made for compression artifacts. A typical file size is normally in the range of 2-3 MB.
  • The file names must be sequential two digit numbers, starting at 01, followed by the extent (.jpg) - ie : initials_01.jpg, initials_02.jpg, initials_03.jpg etc.. so that the files sort in the relevant order. The applicant’s family name may also be included – eg  johnson_01.jpg etc. Where a panel layout image is submitted, the image file should be of a similar size and format and the panel images should be numbered sequentially, row by row, from top left to bottom right. File names should be as for a sequential submission. The panel layout image should be named "panel_layout.jpg" and may feature any appropriate aspect ratio.
  • Information regarding the uploading of image files may be found in Uploading Image Files.

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