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Every OPS award or distinction application must include:

  • An email request for an Application Reference Number;
  • A completed on-line Distinctions Application Form. Do not attach panel images to the on-line application form;
  • The appropriate number of images (8, 10, 15 or 20) in the correct (1,600 pixels maximum, JPEG, RGB mode, 8-bit, sRGB) electronic form;
  • An additional image showing the panel layout where applicable. Where this is not provided, images will be considered as a sequence determined by the ascending numerical order of filenames;
  • Evidence of the consent of a responsible adult for applicants for a Certificate of Merit (who must be under the age of 18). This consent should be recorded by completing and submitting the on-line Certificate of Merit Consent Form;
  • In the case of Associateship and Fellowship applications, a statement of objectives provided via the appropriate field of the on-line application form;
  • Where relevant, an exemption request made via the appropriate field of the Distinctions Application Form - scanned copies of relevant certificate(s) attached to the Distinctions Application Form.
  • Payment of the appropriate fee via the Society's on-line shop;
  • Delivery of all the necessary material to the Society by the relevant cut-off date (see the Distinctions Calendar). Use the dedicated file upload facility to upload panel images unless there is good reason to do otherwise.

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