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A portrait is an image of a person - animal and other non-human likenesses are not accepted. Images of masked people are also likely to be rejected. To qualify as a portrait, a person must be the primary subject in a picture. Consequently, an environmental portrait featuring a distant person in a vast landscape is likely to be rejected.

A good portrait is very difficult to define but might be described as a likeness of a person in which personal characteristics, personality, circumstances, mood and atmosphere are effectively communicated. It brings the viewer uncannily close to a real human being. Its impact and immediacy are such that little seems to stand between the observer and the subject. Indeed, the image approaches reality. Many factors contribute to success including composition, environment, beautiful light, form, texture, mood, atmosphere, vitality and communication.

Portraits can be created in a studio or in a less controlled environment indoors or outdoors. Wedding images may be included up to a maximum of three images per panel or sequence. Associateship and Fellowship panels must demonstrate a range of photographic approaches and abilities, so a submission consisting exclusively of head shots would be unlikely to be successful. Candidates should also avoid the repeated use of similar compositions, and use of the same subject in more than one image.


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