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The majority of wedding images could be described as portraits but a separate and rather specialized category is used for wedding images because of the particular environment in which wedding photographers work. Weddings proceed at a rapid pace and photographers must be capable of handling people tactfully and efficiently whilst under constant pressure. With this background they must create large numbers of images that are of a consistently high standard, both artistically and technically, in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. The pictures must also satisfy the requirements of the bride and groom and tell the story of the day.

Wedding images are assessed by OPS against the constantly evolving standards of the industry, and numerous traditional groups of guests posed in a formal manner are unlikely to lead to success. All submitted wedding images must have been taken at real weddings. Pictures not taken at real weddings, such as those created using models in ideal locations or with no time pressures, are not accepted.

A panel of wedding images can comprise images from a maximum of three weddings. Where more than one wedding is featured, the presentation of the panel should make clear where the boundaries of each wedding lie.


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