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A submission for an OPS travel distinction should have an identifiable focus or theme relating to a place, community, event, area or nation. Alternatively it might relate to a particular journey through a region or nation. The geographical region, and its size, is relatively unimportant and no credit is given for portraying exotic locations. A good set of local pictures may well be more acceptable than pictures of a lesser quality from the far side of the world. However, the geographical scope should be defined in a statement of objectives. A random collection of excellent travel images from all over the globe, and with no particular connection, would be unlikely to be acceptable.

An introductory statement of objectives should explain the focus or theme, and the panel of images should convey an appropriate "spirit of place". This is an elusive concept that is difficult to define. Nevertheless, the word "place" means much more than geographical location. It incorporates elements of culture, history, architecture, local customs, people, community spirit and general atmosphere and environment.

The chosen subject or theme should be visually explored as thoroughly as possible using varied images incorporating typical and unusual features or characteristics as well as subjects of particular importance or interest. The panel or sequence should demonstrate an imaginative approach and a significant degree of individual application and interpretation.

Applicants should aim to get among the action, get involved and see the subject from a variety of perspectives. The photographer's contribution is an important element of success.

In general, manipulation of images is not permitted. However, minor defects, litter etc may be removed provided the reality of images is not altered.


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