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The Open Photographic Society (OPS) is an on-line-only organization and has no meeting rooms. Assessors may be widely spread over numerous areas or countries. All award and distinction assessments are consequently held in camera, the images and other necessary evidence being sent electronically to assessors as required. Appeals are also considered in camera.

Each image within a panel or sequence is assessed according to the relevant criteria, and the cohesion and effectiveness of the overall panel or sequence is also assessed. The accumulated assessments are pooled and compared with the relevant standard. Applications falling well short of the relevant standards are declared unsuccessful. Applications clearly meeting or exceeding the relevant standards are awarded the appropriate certificate or distinction. Borderline applications are considered a second time before a final decision is made.

Assessments and appeals are led by an experienced Fellowship-level photographer who is supported by other suitably qualified photographers as required. The names of assessors are not disclosed.

The result of an assessment is sent to the relevant candidate by email. Successful candidates receive only notification of their award and the relevant certificate in electronic form (PDF). Unsuccessful candidates receive an emailed summary of the reasons their application has been unsuccessful.


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