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OPS can help improve you photography skills - free of charge! The Society is unusual in that it has no formal membership and hence no membership fees. People can come and go as they wish and when it suits them. We do not lock you in to our services by charging an annual subscription. The Society survives on its popularity and is run largely by volunteers. Our purpose is to help those who are interested in the art of photography to develop their skills and improve the quality of their work. No one is beyond improvement. We are not a society purely for amateur photographers. We have many links with professional photographers all over the world who offer support and seek assistance in various fields of endeavour.

We are primarily interested in the aesthetic value of images rather than file formats, cameras and new gizmos. Yes, all these need to be understood to some extent but, as far as possible, we leave others to address the technical details. OPS is interested in the final image, and how it might be done better.

The Society also offers other services such as image evaluations, photographic book publishing, and a high-quality wedding photography service.


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