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Image Copyright Stephen Robinson

Stephen Robinson, a photographer based in Zambia, has released an extraordinary on-line exhibition of documentary and photojournalism photography on the everyday lives of those living with albinism in Africa.

The modern-day social issue of living with albinism in Africa is, today, probably much as it has been for centuries - an issue steeped in deep-rooted superstition and mythology. Most media coverage of Africans with albinism is centred on the news-grabbing extremes of their physical abuse, mutilation and even murder. Such coverage makes little mention of the adversities they face every day - including stigma and extreme discrimination, isolation and exclusion, serious health and vision problems, and public ridicule. And all this every day, day-in, day-out.

So this story is about the ordinary: the ordinary daily story of African people with albinism, a story that few of us know about. Accompanying the photographs are the subjects’ own stories of their daily lives, in their own words - far more telling than anything the photographer could write.

See full details of the exhibition.


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