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Public domain image by Gozda Otman

Well-considered presentation can change a good image into something special. The style and weight of a frame, the colour and design of a border or mount, or the layout of an album have a significant effect upon the impact of even the finest work. Time and effort invested in this last stage are normally well rewarded, and may separate your images from the work of others.

For domestic purposes consider displaying better images in one of the many types of album available. This approach protects the prints and provides convenient archiving and handling. A selection of favourite images can also be included in a portfolio for convenient and professional display to family, friends and business contacts. Exhibition images should be presented beneath a window in a custom-made card mount, and can be framed where this is appropriate.

Transparencies and digital images can be projected onto a screen or included in an audio-visual presentation, enabling numerous of people to view them simultaneously.


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