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British Photographic Exhibitions (BPE) Crown Awards Scheme information, covering all the participating national exhibitions can be obtained from www.b-p-e.org.uk. They include the following salons:

  • Bebington;
  • Beyond Group;
  • Bromsgrove;
  • Clay Cross;
  • Cotswold;
  • Dingwall;
  • Frome;
  • Great Barr;
  • Guernsey;
  • Havant;
  • Robin Hood Open;
  • Rushden;
  • Shrewsbury;
  • Solihull;
  • Southport;
  • Vale of Evesham;
  • Wirral; and
  • Yardley;

Some of the above salons accept only digital projection but others may also accept prints and slides. Check the up-to-date details on the British Photographic Exhibitions website.


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