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A checklist incorporating all equipment, organization, contacts etc should be prepared for each glamour or erotic shoot. It may sound rather pedantic, but without it costly mistakes will eventually be made. This can be done as part of a session schedule, the relevant section of which can be copied to the model prior to the shoot.

Paperwork is fundamental requirement of any shoot. Without a signed model release form and appropriate identification documents the photographs are virtually useless because they cannot be sold or published. Make sure that the model understands what is expected in terms of paperwork and payment, and make payment in the agreed manner as efficiently as possible. The model also has to make a living!

Make sure that the agency and model are properly briefed regarding the requirements for the shoot, including details such as the shots planned, the clothing required and of course the location being used. If a model has been booked well in advance, check a couple of days before the shoot that everything is in order. Ask whether the model has any questions or concerns, and do whatever is possible to answer any issues raised. Also make sure that the model has a mobile phone number that he or she can call if something unexpected arises.

It is important to make adequate preparations for the model at the studio or location. Like everyone else, they prefer to find a clean and tidy private area which they can use to change, do make-up and hair, and generally prepare their clothing for the shoot. This sort of organization is fundamental - simple courtesy. If the model feels uncared for then it would not be surprising if he or she cared less about the images.

Make sure that the first set is ready prior to the arrival of the model. This will not only be appreciated by the model but will also avoid wasting the model's time whilst backgrounds, props, lighting and props are prepared. Also make sure that all the photographic equipment is set up and tested in good time. Try a few test shots to ensure that basic camera settings and lighting is all in order. Remember to set a basic exposure to get started, select an appropriate ISO setting and white balance, and have a spare camera and plenty of memory cards and batteries available. Also check all the accessories such as flash meters, radio triggers, sync leads etc and make sure that lenses are clean.


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