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Studio-based fashion photography requires the normal rang of standard equipment including at least three lights with a range of attachments to modify direction, quality and colour, reflectors and flags to control unwanted light and direct additional fill where required, umbrellas and softboxes to diffuse, soften and spread light, and an appropriate background against which the model can be posed. A good DSLR and tripod should be backed up with a spare camera body and a suitable range of lenses and flashguns. A flash meter is also essential.

Given that a fashion shoot costs quite a bit of money to set up, it would be very unwise in this digital age to be without a portable computer equipped to view the images being created. The additional expense and complexity more than pays its way in terms of peace of mind and the ability to make necessary adjustments and improvements as a shoot progresses.

Props can take almost any form, from simple items of furniture through to fast and expensive cars and even exotic animals. Lighting becomes much more complicated when motorbikes, cars and other large props are introduced, with each prop requiring particular attention and preparation. Of course it is also necessary to have the clothes and accessories that the model is to wear and, if at all possible, a designer or dresser to assist in presenting the items in their best light.

Equipment needed for location fashion shoots is the same in principle but different in detail, except that background equipment is of course not not normally required. In tropical of sunny locations the light is harsh, so measures to fill shadows and soften the illumination become extremely important. Lighting equipment requires a significant amount of power, so generators or heavy batteries must be used where no direct power feed can be arranged.

It is also important to care properly for the model, provide changing facilities etc.


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