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Image sequences can make unusual and interesting representations of fast-moving objects. Some subjects are particularly interesting because only when the rapid movement is frozen at a series of moments can the action be truly understood. Examples are athletes in action of animals running.

Photographing action of this type requires high shutter speeds and a camera capable of making numerous exposures in a short period. Modern DSLRs may be capable of capturing 5 - 15 frames per second at least for short bursts. Settings depend upon the particular circumstances, but a shutter speed of at least 1/1,000 sec is generally required. To achieve this in daylight, while using an aperture giving adequate depth of field, it may be necessary to use a high ISO setting - perhaps ISO 2,000 or higher.

A wide-angle lens may also be required to capture the fast-moving action while maintaining sharp focus. The best approach is to use manual focus carefully pre-set to the required distance. Autofocus is likely to lose of fail to achieve lock on the subject. Manual exposure settings may also be preferable to the various autoexposure modes. The key is to experiment where the opportunity exists.

Do not attempt to use a tripod. It is always slower and more difficult to handle a camera when it is attached to a tripod and, when using high shutter speeds, camera movement should not be a particular concern.


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