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This simple procedure describes how an infrared effect may be produced in a monochrome image.

  • Open an image
  • Layer - new adjustment layer - channel mixer - OK
  • Tick monochrome box
    • Set constant to +4
    • Set green channel to 200
    • Set blue and red to -50 and adjust to suit – try -35 red and -65 blue - OK
  • Now to add the "glow"
  • Copy the background and channel-mixer layers and move them above the originals.  The channel-mixer copy should be the top layer with the background copy immediately below.
  • Switch off the original layers and select layer - merge visible to merge the two copy layers into one.
  • Switch the original layers back on.
  • With the merged layer selected, add Gaussian blur - select filter - blur
  • Gaussian blur and select a value to suit - try 10 pixels radius - OK
  • Change the blend mode of this layer to screen and adjust layer the opacity - 40% works well.
  • Now add a bit of tone
  • Select layer - new adjustment layer - hue saturation - OK
  • Tick colorize box
  • Set hue to around 40, and change the saturation to about -15.
  • The channel mixer settings can be adjusted to vary the effect.

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