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Completing the on-line Award and Distinction Application Form should normally be a straightforward process. However, a field-by-field description is given below.

Note that the on-line Award and Distinction Application Form is available from the Distinctions menu only when an applicant is logged in to the site as a registered user. To register, please email the Society's Distinctions Office expressing an interest in a particular level of award or distinction (ie LOPS, AOPS etc) and the appropriate information will be provided by email. You will be sent a username and password which enable you to log in, and an Application Reference Number. This reference number allows the Society to track individual applicants and their on-line applications and fee payments, and gives advanced notice of the potential number of applicants. It also provides an applicant with access to the necessary on-line application forms in a more secure environment.

To complete the application form:

  • Click the box to indicate that you have read the relevant Award and Distinction Terms and Conditions. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions as they contain important and relevant information.
  • Enter your Application Reference Number. This number is obtained by emailing the Society. It is not possible to apply for an award or distinction without obtaining an Application Reference Number.
  • Enter your Surname and Given name separated by a comma ( eg Golding, Samantha).
  • Enter your email address. Please do this carefully as we ask for the address only once.
  • Enter a mobile or home telephone number which may be used to contact you. Include the national code when outside the UK. We are unlikely to use this number but request it in case problems arise.
  • Enter your street address (eg 146, Tenth Street).
  • Enter the second address line where relevant.
  • Enter the name of your home town or city.
  • Enter your home state, county, region etc.
  • Enter your postcode, zip code or equivalent.
  • Enter your country of permanent residence.
  • Enter your date of birth if under the age of 18 on the date of the assessment. Otherwise leave this field blank.
  • Provide brief details of the highest level distinction currently held, including the name of the issuing organization, the name of the award, the date the award was gained, and the relevant category of work. Where no award is currently held, type "None". When applying for an AOPS exemption please state this here and attach a scanned copy of the relevant certificate using the attachments field.
  • Use the drop-down menu to select the award or distinction to which your application refers.
  • Use the drop-down menu to select the category under which your application should be assessed. Where no category is required, select the relevant option.
  • Type the Statement of Objectives when applying for AOPS or FOPS. This statement must not exceed 250 words - shorter statements are preferred. Use simple rathery that flowery language. When no statement is required, type "None".
  • The "Additional Comments" field is optional and intended to provide an opportunity to add any comments regarding unusual situations etc. This field can be left blank.
  • Use the drop-down menu to state whether or not the relevant application fee has been paid.
  • Click the box to indicate that you understand that an application cannot be assessed until the relevant application fee has been received by the Society.
  • Click the box to indicate that you understand that an application cannot be assessed unless all the required images of the correct number and format are received by the relevant assessment closing date/time (this date/time is given on the distinctions calendar).
  • Click the box to confirm that you own the copyright of all the submitted images, and that all relevant images are exclusively your own work.
  • Click the box to confirm that you have read and understood the Society's Award and Distinctions Terms and Conditions.
  • Click the "Browse Files" button to select from your computer any required attachments such as certificates of previously obtained awards or distinctions. Do not attach panel images to the on-line Award and Distinction Application Form. These should be uploaded separately, preferably using the dedicated file upload facility.
  • Type the 5 Captcha characters in the box below the large window in which they are displayed. This process is designed to block automated application submissions.
  • OK, you are done! Just click the "Submit" button once you are confident everything is correct.

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